Frequently Asked Questions

What you want to know about the Facility

Why should I go through rehabilitation at a nursing home?

We have the full rehabilitation set-up including equipment, certified therapists, and a great location. Just like we provide a comprehensive home-like atmosphere for our residents, we do the same for our short-term rehabilitation patients. You will get the great dining, relaxing grounds and courtyards, and 24-hour medical access along with everything else you need for your rehabilitation. Complete rehabilitation requires your therapy sessions as well as relaxing downtime in order to heal. 

How is a nursing home different from a hospital?

Nursing homes in the past used to be stark, institutional places that were cold and lonely. We cannot stress enough how much nursing homes have changed.

  • Our centers are designed to provide the home-like atmosphere you want for your loved one while still providing any medical care they need.
  • We provide social activities for mind and body well-being, companionship, and socialization.
  • Our dining services are specialized and provided in a posh and comforting dining room.
  • We do not restrict visiting except in certain health crisis situations.
  • We have rehabilitation services for extended care and comfort.
  • Residents can bring personal items with them.
  • We celebrate holidays, birthdays and promote a sense of community.
What safety measures are in place?
Safety measures are one of the reasons families may decide their loved ones are better situated at a nursing home than in their own homes. We have 24-hour nursing and medical staff, medical supplies and equipment, medication and are also designed with fall and safety precautions in mind. We also make sure your loved one is under constant surveillance while still respecting privacy. Locked security systems, cameras, visitor logs, supervised outings, emergency call buttons and more are designed to keep safety and security in place even while in a home-like atmosphere.
What can my loved one bring with them?
We proved all the furniture your loved one needs. We do recommend bringing pictures, a favorite blanket, or cherished knickknacks. We discourage bringing anything of value, electrical items or anything that takes up large amounts of space. When you come for your tour you will get a better idea of what space is available and we can provide you with some suggestions as well.
How do I find out about activities provided to the residents?

We strive to create diverse social programs and individualized activities to meet the capabilities and needs of each resident, including those in rehabilitation.

  • active resident councils
  • musical performances
  • outside entertainment
  • current events updates
  • exercise and fitness activities
  • religious meetings
  • games and trivia
  • reminiscence
  • staff-accompanied community outings

Some residents may take a more active role while others are content to be in the same room as fellow residents. We gently encourage residents to get involved at any level. We have community volunteer involvement and strongly encourage families to participate with the residents in various activities. Mealtimes, holidays, and other activities can be great family time activities.

A monthly calendar is posted to keep residents informed of upcoming events such as birthday parties, movies, musical programs, outings, ice cream socials and more. We also take the input of residents and family when considering new activities. Please see our Events section on our home page for more details on upcoming events.

How is laundry done? Can family members take laundry home?

Should you wish to have the facility wash the laundry please notify the front office upon admission and the complimentary service will be arranged. Subsequently, if a caregiver will be taking the laundry home, please let the nursing station know of your plans so we can take the appropriate steps to notify our housekeeping department to leave the clothing for the caregiver to pick up. Regardless of laundry preference all clothing and personal items must be labeled with the resident’s name, NOT initials or room numbers. Our staff will be happy to provide labeling assistance. Personal laundry is washed in an industrial washing machine at a temperature of 180 degrees. Make sure that your loved ones’ clothing is appropriate for these hot temperatures. Avoid bringing clothing that requires cold or warm water, special care or is subject to damage and fading.

What articles of clothing should we bring?

We recommend approximately 5-7 changes of clothing and a pair of comfortable rubber-soled shoes. All items should be washed, clearly labeled with their name, and recorded into the residents’ personal inventory log. Please advise your loved one’s nursing station of items you are bringing in so that they can assist with this process. We advise that residents do no keep valuable jewelry or large amounts of cash in the facility.

Can children visit?

We encourage children to visit and many residents get joy from seeing children in the facility. We simply ask that you alert the charge nurse when visiting with children under the age of 12 and be sure to check with any recent changes in visiting guidelines.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can visit at one time?

Although we do not have a formal policy stating visitation guidelines, we suggest using the common areas of the facility to meet with your loved one. If it is not possible to visit in one of the common areas, we suggest a limit of one to three people in a resident room at one time. You can always ask our staff prior to any visit regarding visiting guidelines and making your loved one feel comfortable.

Is there private space available to use?

You may reserve a common area for special events such as birthdays, holidays, or special meals. Advance coordination with the facility activities department is required.

Can we bring a family pet to the facility?

We understand that love of family pets and encourage them to visit. Please remember to clean up after them and take all proper safety measures at all times. The facility will need a record of current vaccines prior to their visit and all pets must be kept on a leash.

How often will a physician or health professional visit?

Physicians generally see residents upon admission and once every 30 days thereafter. However, our nursing professionals are in constant contact with all the physicians that visit the facility. Some insurance companies require that physicians visit more often. Check with our nursing staff for further information.

What assistance does Social Services at the facility provide?

Our social services team assists both residents and families during transitional periods. They are integral in discharge planning including the coordination of the post-discharge plan of care. Additionally, they provide essential information, manage requests and concerns, and arrange professional services for Dental, Vision, Podiatry, Audiology, Power of Attorney, Dementia assessment, Psychosocial and Psychiatric Evaluation, and individual therapy.

What People are Saying About us

David Kerr
David Kerr
I can not say enough great things about the staff and the care that is given at this nursing home. The administrator, Delbert, and the Director of Nursing, Ashley, were so attentive to making sure all my questions were answered even though I could tell they were both very busy. It was really refreshing after visiting other places to see that I didn't just talk to someone who couldn't answer my questions, but really explain what I could expect when we arrived and my friend's loved one would be well taken care of. Very cleanly and the people who were there already were smiling and clean AND they had a great person who was making sure everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves. Highly recommend!
Angela Clark
Angela Clark
VHR is a wonderful place. Friendly staff. Wonderful, knowledgeable human resource manager.
Robert Manela
Robert Manela
Building Looks Great. Great Care & A Great Team
Lavonda Amajuwon
Lavonda Amajuwon
Thank You for Mel for all your help. You are definitely an asset to your team, a knowledgeable, down to earth, and relatable Human Resources manager. Glad that you were one of the first people I encountered, your knowledge about company was impressive. Thank You Again!
Catherine Umsteadt
Catherine Umsteadt
I had worked for them a little over a year, and they all made me feel welcomed our staff is like family always there for each other.our residents and family seemed happy and would compliment the therapy and nursing team, Activities what can I say they all Rock. The building is well maintained and very clean. H.R. is awesome she has been there for me helping me through all I have been going through.I would still be working but for family reasons I had to resign. If anything happens to my love one I would bring them here for Rehab. If you want a great family orientated work place go and apply. If your loved one needs to go to Rehab. call us and have your loved one come here for a professional and family like atmosphere where our staff care not only for the residents but the family to.
Nurse Nurse
Nurse Nurse
I am a nurse at a hospital in the area. My father was there for rehab after a fall at home. The nursing staff there were knowledgeable and did their best to resolve any questions or concerns we had. I understand no place is perfect but, it's more important to me and my family how concerns are addressed when brought forth. I can honestly say that the staff at Viera Health and Rehabilitation Center addressed concerns swiftly and followed up. We received weekly calls for updates from nursing managers as well as other staff managers calling to discuss discharge and therapy status. They were honest and realistic. I understand first-hand how busy nursing is and how difficult patients and families can be. I witnessed several times nursing staff resolve concerns with families. The majority of staff was very pleasant including housekeeping. You could walk through the building at any time, and it smelled clean. The other patients there looked clean, and you see events going on to entertain the patients there. Even the outside of the building looks kept up. We were there at dinner and the meal smelled appetizing however I didn't eat from their cafeteria. We would definitely come back if another member of the family needed rehab.
Holli Kennard
Holli Kennard
My mom was there for 2 wks and she had the best care. The facility was clean, secure, and overall has a good vibe. The staff is friendly, and the patients look happy. They have activities so they are up and moving around. Highly recommend this place.
ottie the pug
ottie the pug
Great place feels like family between the staff and the residents